order from chaos

hope is scarce in this barren void
but suddenly! there comes a spark
a single point, shining into night
not enough to light the dark
but enough to expand, to grow
enough to make a mark.

chromatic aberrations rise from nothing
blinding lights, red to blue
but this stage is not wide enough
for all the universe’s hues
the chaos of this crowded cosmos
is all but destined to ensue

so as the swelling light spreads
we are all caught in its roots
it reaches out, clutching, clasping
seeking with each shoot
more energy to consume
more monsters to recruit

its searching becomes more frantic
devouring everything in its path
soon naught will remain
no remnants of this bloodbath
we all gravitate towards to this singularity
leaving nothing in this aftermath—

but the potential of void
another cosmos, destroyed